Interesting Facts About Tigers: You Never Knew

Tigers are one of the most unique creatures living on Earth. They can live in warm and cold conditions and are extremely adaptive. They are carnivorous creatures with a nocturnal nature, meaning they tend to become active in hunting at night. They are the most apex predators the world has ever seen, also they are territorial and solitary. Remain with us as we discuss some of the interesting facts about tigers.

interesting facts about tigers

Scientific Name 

Panthera tigris is the scientific name for tigers. Their scientific name is the combination of two words: Panthera which means leopard and Tigris is the Latin word used for tiger. Sometimes these animals are also called big cats as well. They belong to the Mammalia class and are the members of Felidae family. 

This unique animal has nine subspecies including the Sumatran, Bengal, Siberian, Malayan, Indo-Chinese, South China, Javan, Bali, and Caspian tigers. Some researchers have found Javan, Bali, and Caspian tigers are under the threat of being extinct. 

interesting facts about tigers

Some Interesting Facts About Tigers

Tigers are one of the most distinctive creatures on the Earth. If you are learning about them, there is much more you’re gonna find out than you expect. Here are some interesting facts about tigers you didn’t know before.

Tigers Stripes Are Unique

Each tiger’s stripes are one of a kind, they all have different stripes like human fingerprints. So, an individual tiger can be identified by its unique stripe pattern.

Tigers Can Use Their Ears To Communicate

A white spot on the back of any tiger can help them to communicate. The tigress uses it to communicate with her cubs. She flattens her ears when she senses any danger around her and the cubs tend to crouch down or hide in response.

One Meal a Week

The Tigers are one of the apex predators but this is true that 9 out of 10 of their hunts are unsuccessful. They only manage to hunt one target successfully but only one deer can provide them with over one week of food. So they have nothing to worry about their hunting skills. 

Tigers Have Been Around For 2 Million Years

The studies claim the presence of tigers in the world for some 2 million years. The continuous development of humans has declined 97% of their total population since the start of the last century. 

There Are More Tigers in Captivity Than in the Wild 

There are some 3,900 in the wild but the interesting part is that both China and US have an estimated 5,000 tigers in captivity each. 

Tigers Are Endangered

Tiger’s population is declining day by day, they are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. This is claimed that they’re facing the risk of being extinct.

Tigers Have Several Vocalizations

Like other animals, tigers also use their vocalizations to communicate different things. They tend to grunt, howl, moan, roar, chuff, snarl, chuff, gasp, and hiss. 


Most of the tigers are living in the South and Southeast Asia. Some are also present in the Eastern part of China and Russia. Some tigers prefer to live in temperature climates while some of them tend to live in hot and tropical places as they are super adaptive and can live in any type of condition.
Siberian tigers tend to live in cold temperatures where it often snows, their thick coat of fur and the fur on the paws allow them to adapt to these conditions. Also, they have an extra layer of fur around their neck called a scarf which provides insulation from the cold temperature. 

As tigers can adapt to any condition easily, they live in different habitats that include grasslands, swamps, and deciduous and mangrove forests. The type of habitat of the subspecies depends upon the type of habitat of the species of tigers. 

Sometimes tigers prefer the migration to some short distance to find the large supply of prey. Also, sometimes they migrate to less snowy and warm areas in the winter. 

The Malayan tigers usually live in tropical broadleaf forests, Indo-Chinese tigers prefer the hilly and mountain areas, Bengal tigers live in rainforests, and the Sumatran tigers tend to live around swamps. 

facts about tigers


Tigers are carnivorous animals with powerful jaws, claws, and amazing hunting skills. Most of the time in the wild they prefer to eat the meat of deer, buffalo, antelope, and pigs. Also, sometimes when these aren’t available they prefer leopards and crocodiles as well.

As you know they only hunt one prey per week, they use their quick movements, speed, and amazing skills to take down the prey. Their large and muscular body allows them to eat 75 pounds of meat per evening. They tend to eat their prey as much as they want and then cover the remaining of their prey with the leaves so they can come back and eat it again. 

interesting facts about tigers

Predators and Threats

Tigers don’t have many predators due to the large and muscular bodies that they have. Their main predator is humans but sometimes elephants and bears can pose a threat to them as well. Their cubs have many predators such as crocodiles, snakes, and hyenas because they are smaller than the adults. 

Most of the time, tigers are hunted down by humans for their skin, fur, and teeth. Sometimes they are captured and sold to an individual as exotic animals. They are not given proper care as exotic pets, in many cases, they are starved by their owners and also they are not given proper medical care when they become ill due to starvation. Due to this misbehaving with them, tigers who are exotic pets are known to injure or kill the purchaser of them.

After all, all these hunting and capturing are illegal but still, some people are doing this. Because of these illegal activities, they are now considered endangered creatures. Also, deforestation becomes the reason for the destruction of their habitat as well. 

The tigers in the captivities are given proper care and training in the best way possible by veterinarians so they become gentle and less aggressive. 

Reproduction, Babies, and Lifespan

The breeding period for this animal is between November and April. But some of them breed at any time of the year. A male may fight to compete for the female ready for mating. They are not monogamous so, they breed with different partners each breeding season. The gestation period is about 100 days. Their litter can go up to 7 cubs. Most of the time a female gives birth to between 2 and 4 cubs. The cub at the time of birth weighs around 3 pounds. Just like other cats, tiger cubs are born blind. They open their eyes after 6 to 12 days. 

A tigress is very protective of their cubs. She takes care of her cubs for about 6 months. Many cubs fall victim to their predators before becoming strong enough. That’s why their mother always remains with them and leaves them for only a little bit of time. Talking about interesting facts about tigers here’s another one, to clean the fur of her cub, a mother may lick her. The cubs usually spent their time by wrestling and chasing each other to become strong enough to defend themselves. At 8 to 10 months the cubs start to go hunting with their mother. They hunt alongside their mother for about 2 years. 

Tiger average lifespan in the wild is between 10 and 15 years. In captivity, they can live up to 20 years because of the caring environment. A Sumatran tiger named Djelita was the oldest ever tiger to live. She lived at at Honolulu Zoo and died at the age of 25 years.

interesting facts about tigers


Which is the Rarest Tiger?

The South China Tigers are the rarest kind of tiger. 

How Fast Can a Tiger Run?

They can run at a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour. 

What is the Interesting Facts About Tigers?

They are the largest feline on the Earth. 

Which is the Biggest Tiger?

The Siberian tiger is the biggest of them all. The adult one can grow up to 10 feet long and can weigh around 660 pounds. 

Where Do White Tigers Live?

Bengal and Siberian tigers which have recessive genes might have white fur instead of reddish-orange. Bengal tigers live in the grasslands and rainforests of India while the Siberian tigers live in the forests of Russia.

How Many Types of Tigers Are There?

There are 9 subspecies of tigers and 3 of them have gone extinct. They all have the same scientific name Panthera tigris. 

Who has Bigger Claws Between an Eagle and a Tiger?

A Harpy eagle has claws about 5 inches long while the tiger’s claws can grow up to 4 inches long. So, the eagles have longer claws. 

Who Would Win a Fight Between a Tiger and a Leopard?

If it’s a fight between a tiger and a leopard, the tiger would easily win over a leopard. Because the tigers are the predators of leopard, there is no way a leopard has a chance against the tiger.