Wolf Dog Size Comparison-How Big Are They?

The cross-breeding of a wolf with a domestic dog results in a Wolf Dog. They are also known as the Wolf-hybrid dos. These dogs can be good pets. But they aren’t for everyone. Don’t consider a wolf-dog if you have a kid or another small pet.

They are aggressive and not friendly with everyone. But if you are an experienced dog owner and you already had a dog in the past, and are now looking for a strong dog with high energy and stamina, wolf-dog won’t be a bad choice if you don’t know much about wolf-dogs, join us as we study about the wolf dog size comparison and some characteristics of them to help you choose which one suits you better.

Wolf Dog Size Comparison

The Wolf Dogs Breeds

The wolf dogs have several breeds, each with its size, distinctive appearance, and unique characteristics. Some of the wolf-dog breeds are

  1. Saarloos Wolfhound
  2. Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog
  3. Utonagan (or Northern Inuit Dog)
  4. Hierran Wolf Dog
  5. Kunming Wolf Dog (or Chinese Wolf Dog)
  6. Lupo Italiano
  7. Galician Celtic Wolf Dog or Can de Paillero
  8. Shikoku Dog or Japanese Wolf Dog
  9. Tamaskan Dog
  10. Australian Dingo
  11. Wolamute (Alaskan Wolf Dog)

Now it is time to learn about wolf dog size comparison and their characteristics

Saarloos Wolfhounds

Wolf Dog Size Comparison

Dutch breeder Leendert Saarloos developed this wolf-dog breed. He did this by the cross-breeding of a German Shepherd with a female European wolf. They were first recognized by the Dutch Kennel Club in 1975.

The Saarloos Wolfhound are generally strong, energetic and intelligent. They have more wolf-like expressions, long legs, and broad necks. They are considered working dogs. 

Height25 to 30 inches23 to 28 inches
Weight69 to 90 pounds45 to 74 pounds
Life Span10–12 years10–12 years

Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog

Wolf Dog Size Comparison

This breed is newly developed and it developed by cross-breeding a German Shepherd with Carpathian wolves. The main aim of developing this breed was to make a dog with the strength, stamina, temperament, and intelligence of a wolf. 

They have amber eyes, triangle-shaped ears, and yellow to silver coats. They are more friendly and social compared to other wolf-dog breeds but they are aloof to strangers. This wolf-dog is active, lively, fearless, and courageous. 

Height26 to 28 inches24 to 26 inches
Weight54 to 60 pounds44 to 54 pounds
Life Span13–16 years13–16 years

Utonagan (Northern Inuit Dog)

This wolf-dog breed is from England and was produced to achieve a wolf-like dog. They are made by mixing up three dogs: Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, and Siberian Husky. The word utonagan translates to “spirit of the wolf”. Sometimes they are also called the northern Inuit dog.

Wolf Dog Size

They are easily trainable and can do any number of tasks if properly trained. They are friendly and playful with everyone. If you have a house with a high-fenced yard, you should consider this breed of wolf-dog.

Height23 to 28 inches23 to 25 inches
Weight65 to 90 pounds55 to 80 pounds
Life Span12–15 years12–15 years

The Hierran Wolf Dog

Wolf Dog

This breed is an ancient one. The studies claim their presence since the 15th century. They are also known as Lobito or Perro Lobby. However, their breed history and development are still unknown.

These dogs are healthy and energetic with strong endurance. They are faithful to their owners but wary of strangers. They are native to the Canary Islands in Spain. They are best utilized by local shepherds for herding jobs. These dogs are considered as one of the most loyal animals ever.

HeightAvg. 21.5 InchesAvg. 22.6 inches
Weight40 to 48.5 pounds40 to 48.5 pounds
Life Span12–14 years12–14 years

Kunming Wolf Dog

This breed of wolf-dogs is also known as the Chinese wolf Dog. They were originally developed in China first. The cross-breeding of German Shepherds with a wolf-dog. Developing a military assistant dog that can perform a variety of tasks for the Chinese military was the main aim of the development of this breed. Generally, they are trained to be rescue dogs and fire dogs in China but nowadays people are also considering them to be house dogs.

Height25–27 inches
Weight66–84 pounds
Life Span12–14 years

Lupo Italiano

Wolf Dog

Lupo Italiano is also called the Italian wolf dog. They are developed by cross-breeding a female Apennine wolf with a male German Shepherd. Generally, this breed of wolf-dogs is large.

Dr Mario Messi was the developer of this breed. He aimed to develop a true working dog with the strength and intelligence of a wolf. Nowadays, they are considered good rescue dogs and are used by Italian Police for sniffing out drugs and explosives.   

Height24-28 inches 23-26 inches
Weight70-90 pounds70-90 pounds
Life SpanUp to 16 yearsUp to 16 years

Galician Celtic Wolf Dog or Can de Palleiro

Galician Celtic Wolf Dog or Can de Palleiro

These dogs are also known as the Galician Shepherd dogs, Galician Celtic wolf dogs, or Galician Palleiro dogs. They are medium to large, healthy, strong, and intelligent. But they are at risk of extinction.

Height24-28 inches 23-26 inches
Weight66-83 pounds55-73 pounds
Life Span11+ years11+ years

Japanese Wolf Dog

Japanese Wolf Dog

Japanese wolf dogs are native to Japan and are ancient hunting dogs. They were developed on the Island of Shikoku, which is why they are also known as the Shikoku wolf dogs. The main reason behind the development of this breed was to hunt deer and bore. 

These dogs are very energetic and athletic. They tend to become dominant and aggressive by themselves if they don’t have any dominant owner. They are not friendly with other pets and are reserved with strangers.

Height19.5 to 21 inches17 to 19.5 inches
Weight35 to 55 pounds35 to 55 pounds
Life Span10–12 years10–12 years

Tamaskan Dog

Tamaskan Dog

This breed is a newly developed breed of the wolf-dog. They were first recognized by the American Kennel Club only in 2013. They developed by the cross-breeding of the Huskies, German Shepherds, and Czechoslovakian wolf dogs. Because they are a newly developed breed, they are very rare and only 600 certified Tamaskan dogs are present in the world.

Because they are very smart dogs, they are easily trainable and highly social. They are very friendly with humans, pets, and children. If enough physical stimulation is not provided they can become aggressive and destructive because they have a wolf bloodline ancestry. Remember, they should not be left alone for a long time.

Height25 to 33 inches24 to 28 inches
Weight55 to 85 pounds65 to 95 pounds
Life Span14–15 years14–15 years

Australian Dingo

Australian Dingo

They are from Australia and are wild dogs. They are often considered as a wolf in the form of dogs. Their origin is still unknown, but some studies claim that they are primitive type dogs that were brought from Asian Countries to Australia. Later they possibly mixed up with the wolves and in this way, the Dingo was created. 

Australian Dingo live in packs in the wild. They even eat the meat of a dead animal. They are healthy, athletic, and energetic. Even though they are wild animals, they are friendly with humans and pets. 

Height20 to 27 inches
Weight28 to 46 pounds
Life Span10–14 years

Wolamute (Alaskan Wolf Dog)

It’s a wolf-hybrid dog, developed by the cross-breeding of the Alaskan Malamute and Timber wolf. They are powerful, healthy, energetic, and sturdy dogs. These dogs have a wolf-like appearance and their physical traits are familiar with a wolf.

This breed is also a newly developed one and they are only available in USA and Canada. This breed doesn’t have any set breed standard, also they are yet to be recognized by any major kennel club.

Height26 to 33 inches
Weight60 to 110 pounds
Life SpanN/A

Wolf-Dog Hybrids: Are They Right for You?

Now that you have learned enough about the wolf dog size comparison and their characteristics, you can choose which one suits you better and which one can you handle as a pet easily. Certainly, this animal is not for beginners, but if you are an experienced dog owner they can be a good choice for you as a pet.


Can I Train a Wolf Dog?

If you are a beginner then no you can’t because it takes patience and really hard work. But for an experienced person, this one shouldn’t be difficult.

Can a Wolf Dog Become a Good Pet?

A wolf-dog can become a good pet if you train him with patience and hard work

Are Wolf-Dogs Friendly with Humans and Pets?

Yes, wolf dogs are friendly with humans, pets, and children.

Are Wolf Dogs Easily Trainable?

Yes, wolf dogs are easily trainable. But still, it takes a lot of patience and hard work to do this task. It’s always difficult for beginners.